Ice Cream Factory

All employees should understand how they in their daily work is involved and affects costs, revenues and profitability.
The business game Ice Cream Factory is about how to control and manage a business with financial decisions and financial follow-up.

This knowledge creates participation in the financial conditions of the business and understanding of strategies and decisions, not least when changes are to be implemented

How the game works

The participants form management groups, of 3-4 people, who will run and develope the game company Ice Cream Factory. They will make a number of business decisions, from marketing, pricing and advertising to investment and production decisions. The management teams compete against each other. The highest profit wins.

Everyone makes the financial calculations

The decisions are common. But in their own booklet everyone should calculate the group’s result report, margins and coverage contributions, Pay Back and profitability calculations. Easy-to-understand Business Economy.

Target groups

All employees and middle managers. The education does not require any prior knowledge. Basic Business Economics that suits all industries.

Education goals

Understanding the “business” around one’s own work and how each one in their own work contributes to and influences the result every working day.

Expenditure of time

A game seminar Ice Cream Factory requires 3-4 hours.


Price for the Ice Cream Factory game

Everyone has their own game booklet – workbook. There, everyone shall calculate the group’s income and profit, make calculations like PayBack and key figures etc – by hand. The best way to learn the basics of economics.

The price is € 30 excluding VAT per booklet and participants. No shipping costs if you order 5 or more booklets


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