Business Games at Conferences and Convents

A business game can be used as a fun, deviant, engaging, team-forming element of your Kick Off or a conference.
At the same time, it provides a basic knowledge of business economics. It creates an understanding of the company’s financial conditions, strategies and decisions, not least when changes are to take place. Teambuilding activity that can improve contacts between different parts of the company.

Everyone can join in

Our Business Games require no prior knowledge. Works equally well for all businesses. You play in groups of 3-4 participants. The groups all sit in the same room and compete against each other. We have implemented it for 200 people at the same time. It became a huge manifestation.

Use time wisely

The game takes 3-4 hours. Morning, afternoon or late afternoon into the evening.

Educational goals

Understanding the “business” around one’s own work and how each one in their own work contributes to and influences the result every working day.

Expenditure of time

A game seminar Ice Cream Factory takes 3-4 hours.